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As a Certified Yoga Instructor since 1990, I offer group and private yoga sessions geared toward personal enrichment. I incorporate an eclectic yoga style instruction which includes mindfulness training, yoga philosophy, and yoga nidra. The benefits of yoga are expansive as one learns to unite the connection of body, mind and spirit through a variety of asana’s (postures) focused breathwork and mindfulness techniques.



Each class or private session is therapeutic in nature and is just right for beginners, mid-level and experts at yoga. All are welcome!

* Private Yoga Session: This is a one on one session specifically designed for a client's needs.Gina with yoga pose

Fees: $100 for one hour (Group fee by arrangement)

* Yogassage Package: A combination of yoga and massage available for physical well-being, and mental relaxation

Fee: $120 for 90 Minutes

* Private In-Home Movement Therapy
This therapy is tailored to the special needs of the client. It can include strength training, balance work, dance therapy, dog therapy, aromatherapy, massage, and flexibility training, and a variety of other modalities as needed.

$100 per session

* Retreats: BEYOND YOGA is designed to meet your needs for greater self-discovery and personal expansion through a flowing and strengthening sound yoga practice, guided Meditation, Yoga Nidra, and Spiritual expansion through affirmations.Gina with yoga pose

Organized retreats to locations such as Yelapa Mexico, Napa Valley, Land of Medicine Buddha, Yosemite and other locations around the Monterey Peninsula such as Garland Park, Carmel Beach and other majestic locations.

Fee: Varies upon length of sessions and locations

Pictured at right: Christine and Kaylan during a private Yoga session on Carmel Beach.

Monterey Sports Center. 301 E. Franklin Street, Monterey - 7am to 8am
WednesdaysGina with yoga pose
Refuge 8:30 -9:30
- Mindful Aqua Yoga In the warm waterfall tubs
(Carmel Valley, Members only)
Carmel Valley Athletic Club - 7am to 8am: yoga flow class in the Mind Body Building
(Members only).
Carmel Yoga Center (Level 2) - 9:30am to 11am.
2:00 MS and Parkinson's Chair yoga at Sports Center (pictured at right)

There's a joyfulness in Gina's yoga class connecting  us to our mind, body, spirit and friends. It's as necessary to me as food and sleep. " D.W.
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